Annotated Resource List (our most comprehensive list)

Books, websites and videos about native plants and the ecosystems and biodiversity they support.  Annotated by KAWO members.

Sources for Native Plants

Native Plant Suppliers in Michigan (or nearby): a list of mostly Michigan based businesses that sell native plants and seed. The list is not an endorsement of any business. Many are focused on local or regional genotypes but some grow other ornamental plants and cultivars as well.

About Native Plants

Plants for Shady Areas
Plants for Sunny, Dry Areas
Plants for Wet Areas
Plant lists by region, soil type and insect use (Heather Holm)
List of Helpful Books
Getting Started with Native Plants – MSU Extension
Native plants that attract beneficial insects – MSU Extension
Using Native Plants to Restore Community in Southwest Michigan & Beyond
Managing and Maintaining Native Plantings
Spring ephemerals and their place in the sun – recommended reading from Tom Small
Tending Nature: Native Plants and Every Gardener’s Role in Fostering Biodiversity (2022 OSU webinar series)

Native Plant Search Engines

Ostrich ferns

Cardno Native Browser
New England Wildflower Society Native Plant Finder
Michigan Flora (University of Michigan Herbarium site)

Invasive Species

Michigan invasive plant species: identify and report
Invasive Species Links
Also see the KAWO Annotated Resource List

Native Plants Tolerant of Juglone (black walnut, etc.)

Prairie Moon Nursery Black Walnut Tolerance List  All natives, although some may not be native to Michigan.  This list is from Minnesota.
Juglone Resistant Plant List
Black Walnut Toxicity MSU  Please note that this list requires careful research, as many of the plants here are NOT natives.  Use with caution.

Other Native Plant Associations and Organizations

Wildflower Association of Michigan
Wild Ones (national office)

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