Spring Plant Exchange

Join us for our Annual Spring Plant Exchange!

Hosted by Tom, Ruth, and Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones

Sunday June 2, 2024 • 1-4 pm 

The exchange will offer numerous plants from Tom and Ruth’s gardens, as well as plants brought by other Wild Ones members and supporters. Our goal is to encourage the planting of natives for the beauty they offer and to support the wildlife that depends on them.  In keeping with principles we’ve always emphasized, it’s not necessary to bring a plant in order to take one; and no plants will be for sale. You need not be a member of Wild Ones to participate in this event.

  • Anyone interested in volunteering to help set up for the event should contact Paul Olexia.

Location: Tom and Ruth’s home, 2502 Waite Ave, Kalamazoo

There will be several experts available to help with your choices and questions.

Tom and Ruth’s property is a showcase of native plantings and will offer many ideas for how a residential lot can be transformed to appeal to both local biodiversity and neighbors.

Tom and Ruth began a Life Cairn in their front yard in 2012, on the first anniversary of the first Life Cairn on Mount Caburn, England.

If you have plants to bring to the exchange, please bring them to Tom and Ruth’s before the exchange if at all possible. You can drop off plants the preceding Tuesday through Saturday. Remember that only native plants are allowed, and they should be carefully potted (they may not get re-planted immediately!) and identified.

We look forward to seeing you!

For questions about the exchange or about native species, please call Tom at (269) 381-­‐ 4946, or Email Tom.

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