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Dave Wendling teaching about ferns on a field trip

Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones has a roster of volunteer speakers available to do presentations for your group. Each speaker has a great deal of expertise, whether acquired formally or through practical experience, or both. These presentations are free, but donations are accepted and appreciated. Form more information contact us.

Tom Small, retired WMU professor, co-founder (with his late wife, Nancy) of Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones

  • Native Plants: Their Beauty and Their Value to the Earth and Its Creatures
  • Soil: The Web of Life in Your Hands
  • Using Nature’s Methods to Heal and Restore the Land–and Ourselves
  • Landscaping with Native Plants in Shaded Areas
  • A Vision of “Permanent Culture”: Making Connections and Restoring the Web of Life
  • Mahatma Gandhi’s Mentors and Disciples: The Philosophy and Practice of Nonviolent Earthcare

Mary Ann Menck, former owner/operator of Mary Ann’s Michigan Trees and Shrubs

  • Native Trees for Your Yard
  • Choosing Native Trees to Benefit Birds, Butterflies and Moths
  • 25 Native Plants You Likely Never Heard of – But Wish You Had

Paul Olexia, retired Kalamazoo College professor, former president of KAWO, Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy and the Southwest Chapter of Michigan Botanical Club

  • Fungi in Your Garden
Wild lupine | photo K. Patrie

Chad Hughson, co-owner of Hidden Savanna Nursery

  • Selecting and Planting Native Species
  • Native Plants for Sandy/Dry Sites
  • Native Plants of Oak Savannas
  • Restoring Biodiversity by Using Native Plants

Dave Wendling, former Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones president and retired medical doctor

  • My Millennium Prairie

Ilse Gebhard, member of Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones and Audubon Society of Kalamazoo

  • Monarchs, Milkweeds and More
  • Moths, our Nocturnal Pollinators
  • Establishing Native Plant Gardens to Attract Butterflies

Lynn Steil, retired science teacher, former board member of Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy and member of the State Board of Michigan Botanical Club

  • Identifying and Eliminating Invasive Species in Your Own Back Yard
  • Wildflower Identification
  • Michigan Ferns: Identification and Garden Habitat Requirements

Mike Klug, Microbial Ecologist at Kellogg Biological Station for 34 years, helped establish KBS ecological research and educational programs and MSU’s Center for Microbial Ecology, current president of KAWO

  • The Web of Life Beneath Our Feet
  • Our Vanishing Soil Communities
  • Sharing the Land

Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones officers

  • What Is Wild Ones? How Does Native Landscaping Benefit the Environment?

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