Native Plant Sale

volunteers labeling plants in trays

Kalamazoo Area Wild Ones
9th annual


This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Everyone is welcome!
Featuring plants grown by Wildtype Nursery

May 20, 2023 • 10 am – 2 pm

Peoples Food Co-op, 507 Harrison St, Kalamazoo | VIEW MAP


  • Wild Ones members receive a 5% discount on their plant purchases
  • Everyone who makes a purchase at the sale will receive a swag bag with a free seed packet from Native Connections, plus other goodies. 
  • Everyone who makes a purchase will be entered into a door prize raffle. The winner will be announced at the end of the sale (2pm). Winners do not need to be present to claim their prize; if not present, we will contact you. 

Help make this event a success for all by volunteering on the day of the sale. We need assistance with setup, sales and customer service. Interested? Please contact Ann Klobucar.

QUESTIONS about the plant sale? 
Contact the plant sale organizers at [email protected]

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors

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Below is a list of plant species we anticipate offering at the plant sale this year. Plants are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Payment by cash, check or credit card is accepted at checkout.

Wildflowers and grasses are sold in 2″ or 2.5″ pots; ferns and shrubs are sold in 1 gallon pots

WildflowerWhite SnakerootAgeratina altissima (Eupatorium rugosum)
WildflowerCanada AnemoneAnemone canadensis
WildflowerColumbineAquilegia canadensis
WildflowerJack-in-the-PulpitArisaema triphyllum
WildflowerWild GingerAsarum canadense
WildflowerHarebellCoreopsis lanceolata
WildflowerPale Purple ConeflowerEchinacea pallida
WildflowerFlowering SpurgeEuphorbia corollata
WildflowerWild GeraniumGeranium maculatum
WildflowerPrairie SmokeGeum triflorum
WildflowerTall SunflowerHelianthus giganteus
WildflowerFalse SunflowerHeliopsis helianthoides
WildflowerAlum RootHeuchera americana
WildflowerSouthern Blue FlagIris virginica
WildflowerNorthern Blazing StarLiatris scariosa
WildflowerMichigan LilyLilium michiganensis
WildflowerWood LilyLilium philadelphicum
WildflowerCardinal FlowerLobelia cardinalis
WildflowerLupineLupinus perennis
WildflowerFalse Solomon’s SealMaianthemum racemosum
WildflowerStarry Solomon’s SealMaianthemum stellatum
WildflowerHorsemintMonarda punctata
WildflowerBalsam GroundselPackera paupercula
WildflowerBeardtonguePenstemon digitalis
WildflowerWild Blue PhloxPhlox divaricata
WildflowerPrairie PhloxPhlox pilosa
WildflowerSolomon’s SealPolygonatum canaliculatum
WildflowerOrange ConeflowerRudbeckia fulgida
WildflowerZigzag GoldenrodSolidago flexicaulis
WildflowerCelandine (Wood) PoppyStylophorum diphyllum
WildflowerNew England AsterSymphyotrichum novae-angliae
WildflowerFoamflowerTiarella cordifolia
WildflowerBlue VervainVerbena hastata
WildflowerIronweedVernonia missurica
Grass/SedgeIvory SedgeCarex eburnea
Grass/SedgePen SedgeCarex pensylvanica
Grass/SedgeTussock SedgeCarex stricta
Grass/SedgeFox SedgeCarex vulpinoidea
Grass/SedgeJune GrassKoeleria macrantha
Grass/SedgePrairie DropseedSporobolus heterolepis
FernMaidenhair FernAdiantum pedatum
FernSensitive FernOnoclea sensibilis
FernChristmas FernPolystichum acrostichoides
ShrubNew Jersey TeaCeanothus americanus
ShrubButtonbushCephalanthus occidentalis
ShrubAmerican HazelnutCorylus americana
ShrubSpicebushLindera benzoin
ShrubFragrant SumacRhus aromatica
ShrubWild Berry CurrantRibes americanum
ShrubNannyberryVirbunum lentago

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